Custom Handmade Leatherwork and Fine Art

L02067.jpgWelcome to my site. As you can see, there are both leatherwork and fine arts here. Leather is my primary interest and the fine art is tagging along as this is a good opportunity to share it as well.

I make cases and containers for healing tools, crystal shifter and ceremonial objects which can include such things as smudge and other compounds used in sealing mesas or circles, etc. Toward this purpose I have made a variety of round and rectangular boxes, cases for knives and tools, sheaths for knives and tools, feather cases,boxes for medicine pipes and mesa, including one with a built in feather case. You can see most of these items in the photo gallery.

some leather examplesMy pleasure is to create things that are custom specific to an object and its use, to take an idea, a dream, and making it real in this world. If you are interested in having a custom made item, check out the Design page.  There are also photos of work in progress, etc., so if for no other reason, have some fun looking around.

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